Creating Blog

Here we will explain you how to setup your blog page with different layouts using WPBakery Page Builder.

Blog Post Section

  • please go to Posts section in the main WordPress menu and click Add New;
  • select the post format, it can be (standard, image, video, gallery etc.), you can choose it on the right side in Format section;
  • add the content to your post item page, text, featured image and add the short description;
  • to display the short description in blog listing, please ensure the Excerpt area is enabled in the Screen options (please check Screen options button in the top right corner). You will see special text area under the Visual Text one, please add few sentences.

Post Options

  • Post Format Layout – settings depends on the fomta you select in Format section.
  • Page Layout – select page layout (default, None, Left, Right,).
  • Header Builder – choose any of the previously created header presets.
  • Page Title Options – display Page Title default/Yes/No.
  • Contact Widget – select to display contact widget or not.

Blog Page

  • when all the items have been created, it’s time to create a page, please go to the pages and add a new page;
  • if you want to have a sidebar on the blog, please read "Custom Sidebars Setup" section;
  • once the page is created, please add "Blog Posts" module using WPBakery Page Builder.
  • click edit to adjust blog posts settings.

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