Custom Page Templates

The theme has custom templates for creating non-standard pages. We present a list of templates you can use for the theme.

Please go to Pages  -> On the right you can see “Page” options with “Template” option. You can select the custom template from drop down menu.


Fullscreen Slider

Fullscreen Slider is a template that allows to create a page slider with fullscreen images.
Please select the Fit style option from the list: Cover slide, Fit Always, Fit Horizontal, Fit Vertical;
It has back, pause, next navigation that makes easy to view gallery works on the screen.


Gallery Kenburns

This is special fullscreen slider template.
It displays every image separately, sliding it with automatically zoom effect using transition.


Gallery Grid

Gallery Grid template allows to display a gallery in preset layout.
Grid units are the primary locations on a page where the gallery images will be placed.

Gallery Masonry

The template works by placing gallery items in optimal position, sort of like a mason fitting stones in a wall.
Display a gallery in a popular manner by selecting the following template. Masonry style can maximize the efficiency of galleries containing items with varying height.


Gallery Albums

The template works by placing galleries from Gallery section in the category photo albums.
Create photo galleries and use the categories option.

Gallery Ribbon

The ribbon photo gallery template displays the photos in the ribbon style, the images are loaded one by one.
You can slide the images using the controls.


Photo Portfolio – Grid & Masonry Style

Display photo portfolio listing in a grid & masonry layout style. The portfolio posts featured images will create a grid layout on the page.
Every item is clickable, it will lead you to a portfolio single post page.

Fullscreen Photo Blog

Website blog posts can be individually assigned to the page with amazing Fullscreen Blog template.
It designed to keep your blog posts minimal and clean.

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